HOT MESS @ Aoyama Fai


2012年、 Hot Messがさらに熱く、 よりメチャクチャになって戻ってきた! 今回は2フロアに渡ってHot Messなバイブを展開。
地下フロアはspicyでrawに供されるハウスベースの音でカロリー消費間違いなし。 一階はsoulfulでorganic な音で最高のサウンドトラックを提供します

Yes ‘Hot Mess’ is back for 2012 - Hotter and Messier than ever! This time we spread the Hot Mess vibe over two floors; Downstairs you can hear the best in house based music served spicy and raw, guaranteed to burn calories. Upstairs catch the best in soulful/organic sounding music, which provides the ultimate soundtrack for whoever you are looking to love.

Door cover: 2500/drink
Discount: 1500 / 1 drink

Heavyweight Room
The mess bringers:
Moodman -
Inumikaku -
Andre Mcleod -
A Taut Line (Diskotopia) –

Room for Love
The mess bringers:
Marie Kimishima -
Dubby Sport -
Jeff D.Brown -
Mr.B -

Visual Stimulation:
Heavyweight room visuals provided by Curicopo -
Room for Love (?!?) visuals provided by Mr.B –

upported by V-Moda